God's Child on The Run

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New Year is one of the sweetest moments in Kenya, the climax of Christmas festivities that gather family from distant ends of the country for two weeks of laughter, sunshine, hugs, food and drink. But in 2007, the dawn of a new year echoed with of drums of war. A political contest for the country's presidency went awfully wrong and in a span of hours, long buried tribal animosities seared to the surface, turning husband against wife, neighbour against neighbour. Machetes clunked against innocent skulls, women were raped, children bloodgeoaned and the old and infirm violated and murdered in an orgy of violence that lasted weeks and shocked the world. This is a journalist's account of the blood and tears that destroyed families and stained a nation. Only the politicians won. Ted Malanda, Alternate Editor, The Standard, Kenya.

Omwa Ombaras beautifully written account speaks volumes to those who have become victims of circumstances and targeted for honesty. An innocuous, truthful interview from the past develops into a looming spectre forcing her to flee the country and profession she loves. A must read for journalists and the public at large Tom Rhodes, Former East Africa Consultant, Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).