To Drink More Tea is My New Year Resolution

One of my new year resolutions is to attract more clients to my business by drinking more tea.
"Come, we drink tea," will be my new sales punchline.
This cup is too small, I need a bigger one.
If you want to know the power behind a large cup of tea, ask me.
Everyone owns words and can fling them around carelessly, or anyhow but some of us write for a living, so we cherish and measure words, carefully, sparingly, like salt to kachumbari (salsa) or chicken to biryani.
Too much or too little may damage body and soul.
Visualize the surprise on your face when you mistakenly put salt in your tea instead of sugar. Right?
That's how a writer reacts when a gifted orator drains words on insults or obnoxious self aggrandizement (to exaggerate one's own power, importance or reputation).
Kind words like spices light up the world, bland words dampen the spirit.
As a ventilator is useful to a Covid-19 patient in ICU, so are words to a writer. Without constant meaningful supply of words, a writer cannot breathe.
Bless a writer, today and don't forget to add ginger and lemon to your tea in 2021.
Be well, be kind, be safe.

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