Some days just don't begin or end well

Some days just don't begin or end well no matter how hard you put your best foot forward. It could be a slip of the tongue, a wrong text message, a promise unfulfilled, an accident, abrupt death or sickness, betrayal by those we trust, job loss, office woes, life threatening diagnosis, domestic violence, immigration papers, tragic winter storms like Uri and Violet, floods, landslides, droughts and Locusts, financial doldrums and earthquakes, divorce, breakups, and all the inevitables life throws on our path.

Still, we must hope on because a day has 364 siblings and if today falls flat on your face, you can enlist tomorrow's kindness or fall back on yesterday's lessons to push you on. Friday is a good brother to the Weekend twins Saturday and Sunday, who both claim to be Sabbath Days.
Be gentle on yourself, whatever the day heaps on you. Where there is hope, life lingers on till her bright rays shatter darkness.

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