Restless Spirits

Stay at Home

Lockdown Game

Ain't No Play

Calling Death

Ain't No Model

Roaming Wild

Picking Germs

Breaking Rules

Boiling Blood

Can't Sit Still In Quarantine

Fidgety Toes

Sickly Feet

Schuylkill River 

Calls You Home

Tingling Hands

Itchy Noses

Hustling Ears On 

Neighbor's Yards

Mask-less Predators

Virus Sprayer

Restless Spirits

Selfish Protestors

Gun Show Displayers

Virus Incubators

Littering Streets

With Corona Shoes

Rumor Mongers

Wagging Arms

Virus Bombs

Restless Spirits

Calm Your Souls

Wandering Fires

Tame Your Bubbles

Itching Feet

Stay At Home.


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