Monday's ceaseless rain lulls our sleepless street into unusual silence
The welcome noise of heavy raindrops soothe the soul
Not a pin drop
Not a half-drunk can hurled across the street
No deafening music from street packed cars
No puffs of smokes from cigars and crack
Rowdy thunderstorms drown the neighbors' morning brawls
Sleepless street warmly embrace this moment of peace✌
Who will not stop their daily shenanigans and dance to the music of the rain?
She washes away the trash on Columbus Day
She keeps the naughty squirrels at bay
She sings with a rhythm that catches love beats
Makes birds warm their eggs and feed their chicks.
The drunken neighbor walks homeless in stupor
Rain pours wash away his tears and cares
And carries away his boxes and plastic bedding from the pavement
Down the never ending river
To die in the rain would be an honor
For a world that fails to recognize poverty and misery
The powerful thunderstorms drown last night's deafening gunshots
Brownish red street stains soaked in splashes
The scars in our hearts stayed sealed in memory
These rains are mixed blessings of hope and helplessness
Our sleepless street switches between dirges and Salsa merriment
As three brave birds 🐦 🐦 🐦 wring out their necks for washed away worms
Dead in the waters
Dead in the waters
The trees shake their leaves in shimy vigor
The sun hides her face, afraid to get wet
The sun knows the wrath of the rain when not in her best day.
The moon and the stars wait for signs from the oceans
And Christopher Columbus turns in his three graves
In Santa Domingo, Cuba 🇨🇺 and Spain 🇪🇸
Monday rains wash away false History
Master of slavery and fake discoveries
Celebrated 🍾 for old money and blood stained castles
A day off work to lick raw wounds
The rains are here, true to History
October 12, 2020, Philadelphia, it is.
It rains, rains, rains thick reality.
And the hush and gush speak language mystery
Let's enjoy the rains' company.
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