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God's Child on the Run

" of the best books I've ever read. A story that remind me how life can change in a split of a second. A true God's child on the run ..."


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"Wonderful soul, beautiful inside and out. Heard her speak the other day and can’t wait to read her books!"



Her ink bathes crevices of African disunity with a motherly vigor. Her poetry washes the dirty laundry of Africa with that grandmotherly touch.She wields her sickle of peace, her pen to whip theunwanted grass of war, xenophobia, banditry and afrophobia from the African Savanah. Her imagery weeps with the peace starved and hungry children of Juba. Her metaphors sob with war tornmothers in Khartoum.

Ombara dreams of African poetry nation, where poets will take up their inkloaded guns their pens to bring back Africa, African Ubuntu, human rights, freedom of expression and equality. It is great meeting you Comrade Sister Author Omwa Ombara, thank you for agreeing to be part of #mypennameistrailblazer. Your latest poem A DIRGE OF HOPE FOR SUDAN is mindraving.

- Mbizo Chirasha